In short, the answer is: YES!

Let’s dive into what a SSL certificate is, and why you should get one for your website.

When you visit a website, you may have noticed the ‘http’ part of the URL in your browsers address bar. When you visit a website that is secure, that will change to ‘https’ and there will be a lock symbol displayed as well.

godaddy website is secure

That means the website that you are visiting is secure and the information being passed between your browser and the website’s server is protected from snooping eyes. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and was typically used for websites selling goods and services online (e-commerce).

But now that’s all changed.

Google recently announced that having a secure connection on your website is going to be a ranking factor for search engine optimization. (You can read more about that here.)

Initially Google announced that the ranking factor wouldn’t carry a lot of weight, but that was 3 years ago, and they are pushing to make all websites secure. You can bet that having your website secure with a SSL certificate is going to be another factor that can help you rise in the rankings. Plus, it makes for a better website for your visitors.

There are a few options when it comes to encrypting your website, and some of them are free. What option you choose can depend on your website – for instance: are you collecting user information for processing orders? Consult your website designer to see which option would works best for you, or drop Jason Milburn Design a line and we can help you secure your website.